Ruby Ranch Owners Association


The RROA board meets at 2:30 PM at the Gatehouse, prior to the WBMD BOD meetings every other month. District BOD meeting are on the third Friday of the month.g.

All meetings of the RROA Board of Directors are open to the public.

Wildfire Emergency and Mitigation:

Wildfire Emergency and fire mitigation is addressed in several articles, including "Revised Wildfire Emergency V3", on the Fire & Weed Mitigation page. Please Click here to review the articles.

What We Do

Ruby Ranch is a covenant-controlled neighborhood with the goal of preserving the unique Western character of the ranch.

Information on  the covenants, development guidelines, rental policies and administrative policies and procedures can be found by clicking the links below.

Directors of RROA

The RROA board is made up of volunteers who serve for 3 year terms

Title Term Expires Name
President Sept, 2020 David Robbins
Director Sept, 2020 Rebekah Barrington
Director Sept, 2021 Jon Rovik
Director Sept, 2019 Holly Adnan
Director Sept, 2021 John Drake



Ruby Ranch Architectural Review

Ruby Ranch seeks to preserve its Western character and mountain ambiance. We are a covenant controlled neighborhood with guidelines for any new development, remodel, addition and change to an existing structure. Please read the guidelines and/or contact a member of the  architecture review committee.


Title Name
Member David Robbins
Member John Longhill
Member John Rovik