Ruby Ranch Rental Policy



Adopted by the Ruby Ranch Owners Associationat the Annual Meeting on September 2, 2006

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Taken as a whole, the Covenants have been interpreted differently by different homeowners with regard to rentals. The rules below are designed to accommodate the competing Owner interests at issue. Below are pertinent excerpts from the Covenants.

The Ruby Ranch Covenants state:

"Article VII, Section 17. Rental.

Owners shall have the right to periodically rent their residence so long as the rental activity does not result in any objectionable noise, fumes, dust, or electrical disturbance, nor does it increase traffic volumes or amount of parking within the property and so long as such rental conforms with the single-family residential character of the subdivision.”


Section 1. General Requirements. It is the intention of the Declarant expressed by its execution of this instrument, that the lands within the subdivision be developed and maintained as a highly desirable rural residential area. It is the purpose of these covenants that the present natural beauty, the natural growth and native setting and surroundings of the subdivision shall always be protected insofar as it is possible in connection with the uses and structures permitted by this instrument. It is of primary intent that the seclusion of each home site in the subdivision from neighboring home sites shall be protectedinsofar as is possible.”

The draft rental rules were proposed by a special committee created by the Homeowner’s Association Board. They were reviewed by the Homeowner’s Association Board and then presented at the Annual Homeowner’s meeting for comment, discussion, and possible adoption. The Homeowners unanimously adopted the Rules at the September 2, 2006 Annual Meeting.

Rental Rules

  1. No Owner may engage in a rental of property of any kind (short-term or long-term) without first executing a contract with both the Ruby Ranch Homeowners’ Association and the Willow Brook Metropolitan District that, among other things, acknowledges the Owner’s responsibility for all the acts or omissions of any renters and indemnifies the Association and District and individual homeowners against damages to property or person as well as claims brought by renters.
  2. Long-term rentals are bound by the covenants. “Short-term rentals” are rentals of less than or equal to 30 days, as defined by the county. Short-term Rentals are permitted pursuant to the rules herein as well as the covenants.
  3. Homes shall not be occupied by renters in Short Term Rentals for more than 180 days.
  4. Short-Term Rentals are permitted only to single family groups, such as groups related by blood or marriage, and their close friends.
  5. Rental for commercial activities, such as corporate retreats and weddings, are not allowed.
  6. Renters shall not trespass on private property or enter into any fenced common areas, the barn, or the hayfields.
  7. Renters shall not create a disturbance.
  8. The maximum number of cars allowed per rental is dependent on the rental property. All cars shall fit within the confines of the rental property. All cars shall be parked on the rented property and shall not be parked in any common areas. Temporary daytime parking at trailhead access points (as designated on the Ruby Ranch map) is allowed. Car placards must be used to avoid towing.
  9. Owners that intend to rent their homes shall notify the WBMD manager and provide a contact number to be placed on the website that neighbors may use to report problems with renters.
  10. Permanent gate codes shall not be disclosed to Short-term Renters. Homeowners shall supply their renters with remote control units.
  11. Homeowners shall not allow renters to bring animals onto their property.
  12. Disputes between neighbors arising from rentals shall first be addressed by direct communication between the involved property owners. In the event a dispute is not resolved in this way, the complaining property owner shall provide a written statement of the dispute to the Homeowners Association Board and to all other involved property owners at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled meeting at which the complaint will be reviewed and a resolution proposed.

Rental Recommendations for Homeowners

Homeowners should:

  • Post rental rules inside the rental property.
  • Provide their renters with the provided map of the ranch showing private property and location of hiking trail access point. <<we will only include the Emerald trailhead by the tanks, since it is not adjacent to any private property>>
  • Make sure their contract with renters includes penalties/consequences for instances in which renters break the rental rules.
  • Make sure their rental listing specifically prohibits loud parties, weddings, corporate retreats, and other commercial activities.
  • Call Summit County Dispatch (668-8600) to learn if any fire restrictions are in place. If there are fire restrictions in place, the homeowner should ensure that their renters are aware of and follow the fire restrictions.