Proper disposal of household trash


Materials that are to be trashed used to all go into the dumpsters at the barn. That is no longer true. They can now be separated into Trash, Recyclables, and Hazardous Materials. Trash and all recyclables can be put in the dumpsters; however, we prefer putting the recyclables in the recycling containers. It is illegal to put hazardous materials in the dumpsters. To do so could lead to large fines and termination of our dumpster service.


Pickup Days

Trash is picked up every Tuesday.
Recycling is picked up every Thursday.

Construction and Contractor Trash

Please note that it is not permitted for any construction materials and trash to be put into the dumpsters. Please ensure that any contractors you have working on you house are informed that they will need to arrange for separate disposal of any construction related trash and materials.


Trash Definitions

Hazardous materials:

Includes TVs, computer screens, computers, CPUs, all electronic devices, mercury-containing thermometers and switches, batteries, paint and other hydrocarbon containers, and fluorescent and curly compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Instructions for disposal of hazardous materials is described here.

Recyclable Materials:

Includes flattened cardboard, magazines, office paper, junk mail, phone books, paperboard, brown paper bags, newspapers, plastics #1 to #7, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans, tin cans, aluminum foil and pie tins, steel cans, and empty aerosol cans.  In addition to general trash, and hazardous materials the following are also NOT recyclable:  plastic bags, any plastic that is NOT #1 to #7, and garbage.  More information is available in the Disposal of Recyclable Materials document.


These include your usual kitchen and waste basket contents.  It does NOT include ANY hazardous materials.  When disposing of large boxes please be sure to flatten them.  It is expensive to get extra dumpster disposal trips because some folks have used up the space with air.


(Drugs, pills, etc) should be viewed as Hazardous Waste – even outdated and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, supplements, etc.  They have been appearing in significant quantities in the groundwater people drink and harming fish in some locales.  Proper disposal is not in the garbage, sink or toilet (although this is not illegal).  Take them to your local pharmacy.  Some will accept them and properly dispose of them.  If your pharmacy does not then ask who does.  City Market in Dillon is apparently the only place in Summit County that accepts them.  The bin to toss them in is near the Pharmacy window.  Target, Safeway, Walmart and Walgreens do not take them.