Water Usage

Water Usage on the ranch

Water on the Ranch

Enjoy our wonderful Ruby Ranch water - it is really spectacular and better than any bottled water you could ever buy. The water system is operated by the Willow Brook Metro District and consists of several wells, storage tanks and the piping running under the roads on the ranch. Ruby Ranch is located on the granite alluvium created by the erosion of the Gore Range. As such, we do not have a robust aquifer that can store large amounts of water. The wells rely on the snow melt for recharging, thus we all need to be concise of our water usage in order to not jeopardize our fragile wells.

Important Policies

Outside irrigation of owners property

Here is an excerpt from the Willow Brook Metropolitan District Rules and Regulations, approved January 1, 1983, amended October 4, 1985:

Watering of Lawns and Vegetation, Exterior Uses: The domestic system for Filings 1 and 2 are not designed to include watering of lawns or vegetation on a continuing basis from hoses or sprinkler systems, and these activities will not be permitted. Water conservation practices may be set by the Board as necessary, and may ban the use of treated water for any use except interior domestic consumption. (Section 6.10)


Community Irrigation Ditches

Ruby Ranch has an extensive system of irrigation ditches that are used to water the hay fields and meadows throughout the Ranch.  To learn more, please see the HOA Resolution Concerning Operation of Irrigation Ditches and Laterals enacted November 27, 2001 and the Metro District Resolution Concerning the Operation of Irrigation Ditches and Laterals on the Ruby Ranch enacted December 14, 2001.


Restrictive Covenants. An excerpt from the restrictive covenants, which apply to each property in the Ranch, states:

Declarant [presently, the Metro District] similarly reserves to itself, its successors and assigns, the right to, and covenants that it will, irrigate all such meadow lands at all reasonable times, and to go on all lots and tracts in the subdivision for the purpose of irrigating such meadow lands so as to preserve and maintain their natural beauty. (Article 10, section 2.)