Willow Brook Metro District

The Willow Brook Metro District (WBMD) services Ruby Ranch and is responsible for the maintenance of the roads, water system, and operations of the ranch.

Meeting Information:

The WBMD board of directors meets on a monthly basis at 3:30 PM at the District Office located on 524 Ruby Road, Silverthorne. All meetings of the Board of Directors of the WBMD are open to the public.

NOTICE: Willow Brook MD Meeting Protocol was updated January 17, 2020. See attached WBMD Meeting Notice and Attendance Protocol

These dates are subject to change, in case of questions, you can contact the WBMD Manager, Sue Blair.

WBMD BOD Meetings:

Regular Board Meeting March 20, 2020

To review additional information, please click WBMD BOD Meeting History


What We Do

The Willow Brook Metro District is a governmental organization that is responsible for the maintenance and management of the key infrastructure throughout the community. Funding for the Metro District comes for the collection of property taxes as well as through quarterly invoices to homeowners for water and trash usage.

Financial and legal records are maintained by a district manager, Sue Blair. Any records can be obtained from Sue through a simple email request.

Directors of Willow Brook Metro District

The WBMD board is made up of volunteers who serve for 4 year terms

Title Term Expires Name
President May, 2020 Randy Lewis
VP May, 2020 E. J. Olbright
VP May, 2020 Matt Sherwood
Secretary May, 2020 Michael Good
Treasurer May, 2020 Steve Johnson